Track Black Friday Gaming Deals with These Two Incredible Spreadsheets

It’s that time again. Dust off the credit card smash that piggy bank and get ready to scoop up every gaming console brand-new title or weird little accessory you can get your hands on. Black Friday is almost here. And rather than spend hours and hours mindlessly poking through the web to find the best deals simplify your life this year with two amazing deal-tracking spreadsheets from Cheap Ass Gamer forum members.

While I enjoy all the money a person can save on important purchases during this shopping season I hate having to scour the web to make sure I’m not missing an even better deal than something I’ve already found. With this first spreadsheet posted by “ThatOneGuyWho” you get a quick easy-to-scan list of all the major console game and accessory deals that a number of the big retailers have already confirmed.

The spreadsheet makes it incredibly easy to cross-reference prices. You can quickly see that BJ’s $230 Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle isn’t that good of a deal for example when numerous other retailers are planning to have it for $200. More importantly the spreadsheet helps you create a more effective battle plan. If a place sells out of its hot deal you can quickly come up with a second third or fourth option to try and score the same gaming gear for the same price elsewhere.

I’ve also loved the incredible amount of work that devoted deal-tracker “StryderOmega” puts into their spreadsheet. You’ll find many of the same deals shared between the two spreadsheets but I’ve always felt as if StryderOmega’s spreadsheet is the “advanced mode” of Black Friday gaming shopping.

For example StryderOmega does a lot of work to create special filtered tabs for each console. So if you only care about games for your Nintendo Switch you can focus on that tab and ignore everything else. There’s even a PC section as well as sections for DVD Blu-ray and 4K movies—if you’re looking to add some extra entertainment to your gaming shopping list. Finally StryderOmega throws in a change log so you can check to see what’s been added to the spreadsheet since you last looked at it.

Whichever spreadsheet you use—and if you’re a true Black Friday connoisseur you’ll use both—you’ll save yourself a lot of time since you won’t be looking up all of the deals yourself. That said you’ll still want to do a little supplemental research namely looking at Amazon’s deals as I didn’t see those on this year’s spreadsheets (or even StryderOmega’s spreadsheet from last year). It never hurts to be thorough.