Save $50 On the Instant Pot Max, Which Does Canning, and Somehow Cooks Even Faster

There’s a new king of the Instant Pot world and it just got its first significant discount ever.

The Instant Pot Max is the first Instant Pot to achieve steady 15 PSI pressure cooking comparable to stovetop models. Previous models have maxed out at around 11.6 PSI and the added pressure means that your food will cook even faster (who knew that was possible?). It can even do high pressure canning the first electric pressure cooker to achieve USDA approval for that purpose.

The Max also comes with a revamped touchscreen interface—it’s come a long way from the cheap-looking bubble buttons of the DUO—and a touchscreen button to automatically vent your pressure. You can even set it to pulse so you don’t have to stand at the counter hitting a button repeatedly for five minutes.

The Max came out earlier this year for $200 and it’s basically stayed there for the most part. Today though you can pick it up for $150 easily an all-time low.

If you don’t need to can and don’t mind waiting a few extra minutes for your food to cook the DUO model is still on sale for $70 and the smart Wi-Fi model is still down to its Cyber Monday price of $90 as well.