YouTube is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

The Switch ostensibly a portable gaming machine but nominally a Wi-Fi tablet seems like a perfect platform for smartphone-style apps. But strangely Hulu has been the only major video service on the Switch so far. Today YouTube joins the fight.

Google has released an official YouTube app and it’s available now in the Nintendo eShop. You can download it directly on your Switch or sign in online and send it to your device. The app is free naturally and it will sit on your Switch homescreen like any game after you install it.

The interface is basically the same as any set-top box YouTube app though the Switch’s poor on-screen keyboard and button-focused controls make actually finding anything a bit of a chore. If you’re looking for a way to get YouTube videos on your TV a Chromecast or similar device is much quicker and easier.

But for a quick game walkthrough on your Nintendo Switch when you’re out and about it works well enough. And the Switch is now one step closer to handling media center duties at home like other consoles can. Now how about Netflix?

Source: Nintendo eShop via